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Josh’s Appliance Self Help Series!

In this series of posts, I’m going to cover some of the reasons you may not need me! That’s right, there are many reasons you might think you should call me and many of those reasons are great, but if you’d like to either save a little money or perhaps determine whether a service call is actually needed, this series of articles will try to point out some things you might want to try BEFORE setting an appointment with me!

I know, it might be counter-productive for me to actually tell you you might not need me, but my goal here is not to try to make all my money coming out and telling you that I can’t help, it’s to ACTUALLY help!

With that being said, in this first article, I’m going to cover one of the most common issues I get called out for and one of the most simple to self-diagnose and that is:


Ok. If you’re dryer is taking too long to dry (for example, you have to run the load several times before they are actually dry), the most common issue with this symptom is the dryer exhaust is clogged. Most of the time, this is not an appliance issue, but a home maintenance issue.

A while back they used to build the laundry room on an exterior wall so that the dryer could vent directly out the wall. If this is the case, simply run the dryer and go check to see if you have adequate air flow (should be fairly strong) before calling me. If you don’t, simply remove the hose going to the home exhaust and clean out the vent tube. You should now have a normal drying cycle! Make sure the dryer is actually heating up.

If your dryer is on an interior wall, you will not be able to check the air flow, as your vent will be threw the roof of the house. In order to check this type of installation, ensure there is heat inside the unit. If there is, the next step would be to disconnect the vent hose from the house vent tube and ensure there is good air flow coming from the dryer itself. If there is, run a load of laundry without the tube connected to the house. If the dryer dries the load in a single cycle, you know the problem is with the house vent and not the dryer. NOTE: running the dryer unconnected will produce heat and humidity inside the laundry room. If you have an exhaust fan in the laundry room, make sure you run it!

If you don’t feel comfortable performing these steps, or cannot move your dryer to complete the steps, then by all means, I would be more than happy to perform these for you. If you are able to complete this process and you are the unit did not pass the test, this is when you know you need a service call. Contact me today to set the appointment by either filling out the form below or calling or texting Josh’s Appliance at 832-416-1669.

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